<p>We have so many awesome events going on, and these awesome events require a lot of volunteer time!</p>

<p>We always welcome&nbsp;people who would like to volunteer their time to support&nbsp;these events. If you, or someone you know, wants to be more involved, please contact us. Volunteering with the&nbsp;Wheelers is fun and you meet a lot of great, fun&nbsp;people. We'd love to have you help out for a couple of hours, or longer if you like us!!&nbsp;<br />
<br />
We are always looking for:</p>

    <li>Race Volunteers:</li>
    <li>Set Up</li>
    <li>General Assistance</li>

<p>We have lots of other tasks to do as well, so if you have other skills, or you just want to be involved, please contact us&nbsp;at&nbsp;info@victoriawheelers.com<br />